Bumbo floor seat

A few weeks ago we were kindly sent a Bumbo floor seat and tray to test and review. I’m genuinely excited to share my thoughts on this one with you as it’s been a real game changer for us!


The Bumbo floor seat came with very minimal packaging (no bulky box, just a cardboard sleeve) and didn’t require any assembly. The straps are already attached, the only thing we had to assemble was the tray, but it was a simple click in job.

Bumbo floor seat and accessories

Bumbo floor seat is contoured to offer best support and maximum comfort; the deep seating area and leg openings being slightly higher gently reclines the baby toward the center of the shaped backrest, which eases the baby into an upright position. Perfect for the first experiences of sitting.
The seat comes in three colours – grey, pink and aqua, a three point safety harness is included. You can also buy a tray, suction toys, playtop and floor seat covers (all sold separately).
Bumbo floor seat is made of soft foam, the leather like outer skin can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Tray is made of solid plastic. The seat is light weight and portable; can be used anywhere around the home and is perfect for travel.

Age suitability and uses

Bumbo recommends their floor seat for babies aged 3-12 months. Baby must be able to support their head. Bumbo floor seat should not be used for prolonged periods.
Dexter is 5 months old and can’t sit by himself yet but can support his head so Bumbo offers him the much needed change of perspective and allows him to interact with family members. Also, I found it very helpful with reflux – placing Dexter in Bumbo floor seat after a meal reduces chances of him being sick.
We’ve also been using Bumbo seat for playtime – the tray is a very handy addition (sold separately) we put selection of toys on the tray for Dexter to pick and play with.

Personally, I have found Bumbo to be perfect for weaning as well. At this stage Dexter can’t use his highchair yet so having Bumbo is a real life saver! And it’s ever so easy to clean after the messy meal times – we wipe the seat with a damp sponge and the tray can be taken off completely and washed in the sink – easy peasy!

Visit https://bumbo.co.uk/ to see the full range of their innovative products.

Bumbo floor seat RRP £52.99

Floor seat tray accessory RRP £9.99

Available from buggybaby.co.uk 


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