Merino Kids

Autumn is here and this calls for warm, cosy layers.

For the past few weeks we’ve been testing pj’s and sleeping bags from Merino Kids.

Merino Kids have a lovely selection of the softest pj’s for both babies and kids in gorgeous neutral colours. The cross neckline is perfect for easy dressing, pj’s are slim fitting yet stretchy enough to ensure your little one is comfortable. Made of 100% merino wool they keep baby warm when it’s cold and cool on hot nights – perfect for all year round.

And for a good night’s sleep we like to snuggle in Merino Kids sleeping bags. I love how roomy these are! The zip is located at the bottom of the bag allowing hassle free nappy changes. There’s also a travel vent for easy transition from car seat or pushchair straight to bed! And again the wonderful merino wool does a fantastic job at regulating body temperature so your little one is never too hot or too cold – forget worrying about the TOG.

Benefits of Merino wool:

– reduces skin allergies

– improves sleep routine

– controls moisture and temperature

– odour resistant (meaning it doesn’t need often washing)

– 100% natural and long lasting

Shop full collection at Merino Kids.

Products were gifted by the brand.

iCandy Raspberry review

Say hello to the latest juicy addition to the iCandy family – Raspberry, the smallest and lightest pushchair in their range.
Raspberry is a nimble city pushchair, designed with modern families in mind.

First look
Just like all the other iCandy products, Raspberry is oozing quality and style. Although small, Raspberry feels solid and well built, none of the plasticky feel you get with some lightweight buggies.
Every single detail is designed to look beautiful, be practical and last you year after year.

The hood
Raspberry’s canopy is one of the largest I’ve seen on a lightweight pushchair. With a built in pop-out visor and extendable hood it offers great protection from the elements. Once the canopy is fully extended you can hardly see the seat unit. Perfect for some privacy during nap time. Dexter can be quite fussy and won’t sleep in the pushchair if he’s too exposed, but he happily sleeps in Raspberry – all nice and cosy in his little den.
There’s also a big mesh panel to get the air flowing on those hot summer days!

The seat
The seat is very roomy, nicely padded and shaped to offer maximum comfort.
The seat reclines to a fully flat position and Dexter always looks very comfortable when snoozing.
The seat is easy to recline (just press the little handle at the back of the seat unit to adjust the position)
Another great thing is the included seat unit elevators – I found them absolutely fantastic when out and about – it’s so nice to have Dexter close to me to talk to, show things we see on our family walks and interact with him, not to mention higher seat unit means less bending for me!
You can use the seat unit with or without the elevators (all photos in this review are showing the seat unit without the elevators – check our Instagram to see photos of the elevators in use).

Let’s talk shopping baskets. I like the sort that swallows all of your essentials for the trip and still has space for the groceries. I never travel light and having decent storage space really matters to me.
Unfortunately with most compact buggies storage space is very minimal. With Raspberry there’s no need to compromise – the basket is huge and very easily accessible, even without the seat elevators in place. I’ve also noticed that you can lift up the leg rest to access the front of the shopping basket if needed.
Additionally, there’s a zip up pocket at the back of the seat unit for small items like your mobile phone or keys.

I love the look of Raspberry chassis – the shiny chrome looks very stylish and the shape is pretty unique, making this pushchair really stand out.
The handle is fully adjustable to fit parents of any height.

PU tyres offer smooth ride and effortless pushing. One of the most amazing things about Raspberry though, is the suspension – again it’s something you don’t normally see in small pushchairs. We’ve tested Raspberry on pretty bumpy streets and it did so well I was really impressed. This pushchair is truly small but mighty.

There’s simple folding mechanism allowing you to fold your pushchair in a flash – just press the little button on the left side of the chassis and firmly push in the handle – pushchair will collapse and lock itself. Once folded Raspberry is also freestanding. When unfolding you hold the handle and while pulling step down on the foot plate, it’s so smooth and easy even when holding your child.

Raspberry is a brilliant city pushchair and for me it ticks all the boxes. Seriously I’d struggle to find anything I’d like to change about this pushchair. There’s no what if’s or but’s – Raspberry is pretty perfect just the way it is.
The compact fold makes it a great choice for families with small cars, limited storage space at home or travelling on public transport a lot. I can imagine it would also make a great pushchair to take on holiday too!
The outstanding suspension means it’s great for pushing on most surfaces.

And if you like the look of Raspberry and considering purchasing there’s a fantastic offer live on the iCandy website right now where you can get a travel bag and a newborn pod when you buy the Raspberry pushchair!

iCandy Raspberry was kindly gifted to review, all opinions are my own.

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle review

As you probably know from our Instagram stories and posts we travel a lot. Each weekend is a new adventure and a new place to discover. From beaches to caves – you name it! I’d say we’re definitely an outdoorsy family, we go out no matter the weather and always have our Working Cocker Spaniel, Rio, by our side.

When Mountain Buggy asked us if we’d like to review their Urban Jungle pushchair I obviously said yes, because I’ve heard such good things about their pushchairs and I couldn’t wait to test it!

How it looks 

Urban Jungle pushchair is a sporty looking pushchair with three air filled wheels. It looks and feels sturdy and solid, the frame is metal but the pushchair feels much lighter than I thought it would be.


One of the amazing features of the Urban Jungle pushchair are the 12’’ air filled tyres, giving you the smooth ride no matter what type of surface you’re trying to tackle. Suspension is pretty amazing too. It performed beautifully on sandy beach, rooty off-road trails or cobbled roads – places we would struggle with any other pushchair!

Seat & canopy 

The seat is very roomy, I can see it lasting a long time – it can take up to 25kgs.

The seat unit comes with a padded, reversible and washable liner. 

The recline is super easy and can drop to a completely flat position- Dexter looked really comfortable when having a sleep during long walks.

The footrest is made of metal and very easy to wipe clean if your toddler happened to have muddy wellies on. Another great thing is it’s so quick to unbutton and remove the seat and basket, fantastic when you have to hose down completely when a wipe won’t suffice!

With a nice, high canopy we still have plenty of room for Dexter to grow. There’s a mesh extension with a built in UPF 50+ protection, perfect for those sunny walks, and a handy peek window allowing you to check on your baby.


Another awesome feature is the five point harness, and we loved that you didn’t have to join any annoying harness puzzles to make it clip together. Each of four parts of the harness can be clipped in individually. Something parents of wriggling toddlers will definitely appreciate! We found with Dexter getting the waist straps connected first, as he loves to make it a challenge, then going for the shoulder straps!


With a multi position handle you can find the most comfortable position for your height or pushing position.

The brake is situated on the right hand side of the handle bar and has a great feel to it, you know it’s set correctly and becomes very intuitive after only a couple of trips out.


The big shopping basket is one of my favourite features of this pushchair, I love a big basket, it makes or breaks the deal for me. Not only is the basket super large, but also there’s two additional zipped compartments at the back of the buggy, great for securing keys or phones, and two mesh pockets on each side meaning you can keep those small items neatly organised and accessible at all times.

There’s also a handy bottle pouch by the handle meaning you can keep milk or other drink handy.


Folding mechanism is quick, smooth and simple – you simply press the button located underneath leg rest area, twist the bar and lift to fold. The pushchair will automatically lock in place. It’s also freestanding when folded which is another huge benefit. Then you just do the reverse to unfold, button, twist and lift the handle.

Overall impression 

It’s made our trips out so much fun, no more planning the day around the pushchairs abilities. It’s a joy every time we venture out and handles everything we’ve thrown at it, we always think we have it stumped and then there you go- it copes without breaking a sweat! No more struggling and worrying about mishaps, Urban Jungle makes outings a breeze. Now we aren’t limited to where we can go or using the carrier for off the beaten track exploration!

I’d definitely recommend this pushchair to any active family who likes to get their boots muddy! A strong stable pushchair, pushes with ease, has your little one in complete comfort and copes with all you can give it!

Maclaren Atom Jason Woodside review

Unboxing and assembly

When the box with the Atom arrived I couldn’t believe how small it was! The buggy was super easy to put together and required only minimal assembly. You can unfold the buggy with just one hand (perfect if you’re holding a baby!). Folding the Atom is a two stage action where first you fold the backrest, then using a two step slide and pull button underneath the buggy you collapse it. There’s also a little red lock to keep the chassis secure and prevent accidental unfolding. The Atom folds into a neat little package and much to my delight, it was dinky enough to fit in the overhead locker of the plane, meaning we didn’t have to worry about waiting to collect it or about it potentially getting damaged in transit! Our Atom came with a bag, perfect to protect it during transport or storage.

Another thing I was really happy about was the size of the shopping basket. For such a small pushchair I have to say the shopping basket is still a very good size!

Breeze to push

I love the fact the Atom’s handle is a one piece bar unlike umbrella type strollers with two handles. It means you can push it literally with one finger and it’s much easier to steer! It was super easy to manoeuvre with one hand and I still had a hand spare to carry a suitcase. The wheels offer a very smooth drive and I was impressed with the suspension, something you don’t normally get with little buggies! The Atom managed to ride over most surfaces without any major problems, even cobble paths! The front wheels can be stopped from swivelling with push of a button which was great on the unique pushchair ramps they have on stairs around Poland. The wheels come complete with added reflective rims offering high visibility, perfect when out and about after dusk. When needed the brake is easily accessible, and flip flop friendly too!

Funky liner

Atom came with a reversible seat liner offering two funky designs for mums who like to change the look of their pushchairs often. Seat liners are nicely padded and offer extra comfort and added warmth for winter and protect the main seat unit fabric from getting dirty.

Extendable, breathable hood

The sun canopy is very sturdy, and probably one of the biggest on the market! You can easily extend the canopy to it’s maximum size by unzipping it. The hood is equipped with a little peek-a-boo window at the top, allowing you to check on your baby and there are two additional mesh windows on each side of the hood should extra ventilation be needed, and a zip up pocket at the back for your belongings. There’s also a pop out UV sun visor. Atom’s hood has built in UPF50 protection and it’s waterproof!

The seat, harness and raincover

The seat is extra roomy, it also lays completely flat which I really like as Dexter tends to sleep in the pushchair. He looked very comfortable and snug, and the huge canopy gave him extra privacy when snoozing. Atom comes with a safe 5-point harness, very easy to do up and adjust if needed. Atom’s raincover comes with a printed design to match the buggy’s design. It covers the entire pushchair and secures neatly with a velcro. Multiple air vents in the raincover offer great ventilation so no more steaming up. Dexter stayed cosy and dry even though the heaviest rain! And could always see the world pass by!

Additional accessories

If you fancy adding extra storage room to your Atom you can purchase a matching buggy organiser. It secures to the handle bar with velcro, giving you additional space for wallet, phone or keys and two bottles. Perfect for keeping all the important bits and bobs within reach. Like previously mentioned, Atom comes with double sided seat liner, however if you fancied something different you can also purchase additional seat liners in many lovely designs.

Perfect urban/holiday pushchair

I think Atom makes an amazing holiday pushchair and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s compact, lightweight, it comes with a carry strap meaning you can transport it easily, and I’d say it’s a perfect choice for any family planning flying with a buggy. Save yourself the stress of having to check the pushchair in! It made our flight much more relaxed and I felt relieved I didn’t have to worry about our pushchair getting damaged! I travel on public transport daily and again, when space is limited (morning hours on the bus) having a little pushchair like the Maclaren Atom works a treat! Atom’s small footprint means I can always easily find a spot to park it in the buggy bay at nursery and when it comes to storing it when not in use Atom it small and compact enough to fit in our cupboard under the stairs! Atom is sporty and a cute looking pushchair, perfect for any busy family. Thumbs up from us! 

Mother’s Day x iCandy campaign

My name is Malgorzata and I work as an Insurance broker and also a part time freelance photographer. My instagram handle is @tinywellies

I love exploring the great outdoors with my family and our energetic working cocker spaniel called Rio.

I wanted to get involved in the Mother’s Day X iCandy campaign to highlight the importance of slowing down and spending more time with your loved ones and to share a few simple gift ideas that won’t break the bank and will make wonderful alternatives to store bought cards and novelty gifts this Mother’s Day.

This year for Mother’s Day we’re planning on a big family breakfast first thing in the morning followed by a trip to Hengistbury Head. It’s one of my favourite local beaches surrounded by beautiful nature reserve. It’s also a special place to us as this is where my fiancé, David, proposed to me.

This is a perfect day for me as a mum – lovely walk down by the sea, watching kids and the dog enjoy themselves, having a spot of lunch at the beach, taking it slow.

I like to keep it simple for Mother’s Day. In my opinion the best Mother’s Day gifts are the ones handmade by children. Handmade card, painting, cake or cookies – you name it! 

I love receiving homemade treats! My favourite is shortbread (and if you’d like to give making it a go, I’m sharing the recipe at the end of this post).

As a little girl I used to make cards for my mum with my dad. Me and my dad would spend hours painting, cutting out flowers and writing a personal message for my mum.

Now each year I encourage my children to do the same for me. Handmade cards make my kids proud of themselves at what they’ve created, and to me it means I have a lovely keepsake to cherish.

Another weakness of mine when it comes to presents are flowers. I think a beautiful bouquet of flowers never gets old and it’s something I really really enjoy.

I think MiChair is perfect for us. It will bring my youngest, Dexter, right to the table and make him feel part of the family meals and other activities like arts and crafts.

I think eating together is a really important thing. As a child I always sat down at the table with my parents and there was absolutely no option of taking your meal to your room or eating it on the sofa while watching tv and I want to cultivate this tradition with my own family.

When you have a new baby there’s temptation to buy lots of stuff. We’ve been trying to keep it minimal and focus on quality rather than quantity. I like things that will last.

When it comes to my style around home I’d say I like it minimal, scandi, with natural wood and earthy colours and lots of light.

I love everything mustard, rust and pink coloured, so you will see pops of these colours around our house.

We’ve developed a more eco conscious way of thinking in the past years and try to do our best to reduce the waste, so using less plastic, using reusable nappies, composting, buying second hand or buying things we know will last and can be either used for a long time or passed on.

I like the idea of MiChair because it’s designed to last you from newborn all the way until they are older. It’s not just a high chair. 

The modern retro design fits effortlessly with our home style and I think the combination of wood and metal looks really nice. I’ve decided to go with the russet coloured comfort pack because it compliments our dinning area beautifully, and in the future I’m sure it will look equally beautiful in Dexter’s room as his little rocking chair.

Wishing all mums and mums to be a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Lemon Shortbread

You will need…

4oz Plain Flour

2oz Cornflour

4oz Butter

2oz Caster Sugar

Grated rind of 1 Lemon

Caster Sugar for decoration

Pre-heat oven to 170 degrees Celsius.

Mix flour and cornflour together. Cream the butter and the caster sugar together until well mixed. Add the lemon rind then work in flour mixture a tablespoon at a time.

Roll the mixture out to 1cm thick and cut into shape of your choice. Transfer to grease proof lined baking tray and sprinkle with caster sugar.

Chill in the fridge for 15 minutes, then bake in the oven for 30-35 minutes or until lightly golden brown.

Cool on baking tray for a couple of minutes then transfer to wire rack to cool fully.