Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle review

As you probably know from our Instagram stories and posts we travel a lot. Each weekend is a new adventure and a new place to discover. From beaches to caves – you name it! I’d say we’re definitely an outdoorsy family, we go out no matter the weather and always have our Working Cocker Spaniel, Rio, by our side.

When Mountain Buggy asked us if we’d like to review their Urban Jungle pushchair I obviously said yes, because I’ve heard such good things about their pushchairs and I couldn’t wait to test it!

How it looks 

Urban Jungle pushchair is a sporty looking pushchair with three air filled wheels. It looks and feels sturdy and solid, the frame is metal but the pushchair feels much lighter than I thought it would be.


One of the amazing features of the Urban Jungle pushchair are the 12’’ air filled tyres, giving you the smooth ride no matter what type of surface you’re trying to tackle. Suspension is pretty amazing too. It performed beautifully on sandy beach, rooty off-road trails or cobbled roads – places we would struggle with any other pushchair!

Seat & canopy 

The seat is very roomy, I can see it lasting a long time – it can take up to 25kgs.

The seat unit comes with a padded, reversible and washable liner. 

The recline is super easy and can drop to a completely flat position- Dexter looked really comfortable when having a sleep during long walks.

The footrest is made of metal and very easy to wipe clean if your toddler happened to have muddy wellies on. Another great thing is it’s so quick to unbutton and remove the seat and basket, fantastic when you have to hose down completely when a wipe won’t suffice!

With a nice, high canopy we still have plenty of room for Dexter to grow. There’s a mesh extension with a built in UPF 50+ protection, perfect for those sunny walks, and a handy peek window allowing you to check on your baby.


Another awesome feature is the five point harness, and we loved that you didn’t have to join any annoying harness puzzles to make it clip together. Each of four parts of the harness can be clipped in individually. Something parents of wriggling toddlers will definitely appreciate! We found with Dexter getting the waist straps connected first, as he loves to make it a challenge, then going for the shoulder straps!


With a multi position handle you can find the most comfortable position for your height or pushing position.

The brake is situated on the right hand side of the handle bar and has a great feel to it, you know it’s set correctly and becomes very intuitive after only a couple of trips out.


The big shopping basket is one of my favourite features of this pushchair, I love a big basket, it makes or breaks the deal for me. Not only is the basket super large, but also there’s two additional zipped compartments at the back of the buggy, great for securing keys or phones, and two mesh pockets on each side meaning you can keep those small items neatly organised and accessible at all times.

There’s also a handy bottle pouch by the handle meaning you can keep milk or other drink handy.


Folding mechanism is quick, smooth and simple – you simply press the button located underneath leg rest area, twist the bar and lift to fold. The pushchair will automatically lock in place. It’s also freestanding when folded which is another huge benefit. Then you just do the reverse to unfold, button, twist and lift the handle.

Overall impression 

It’s made our trips out so much fun, no more planning the day around the pushchairs abilities. It’s a joy every time we venture out and handles everything we’ve thrown at it, we always think we have it stumped and then there you go- it copes without breaking a sweat! No more struggling and worrying about mishaps, Urban Jungle makes outings a breeze. Now we aren’t limited to where we can go or using the carrier for off the beaten track exploration!

I’d definitely recommend this pushchair to any active family who likes to get their boots muddy! A strong stable pushchair, pushes with ease, has your little one in complete comfort and copes with all you can give it!


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